A Funny Day At The Zoo, English


Crafted by TA-DA! Language Productions in collaboration with the San Francisco Zoo, this unique talking board book merges the authentic sounds of native speakers, zoo animals, and Grammy-infused music — with the tactile pleasure of a traditional book, all easily accessible with a simple finger’s touch to its paper pages.

Fun, easy learning. Any time. Anywhere.

Brought to you by language educators, Oscar®-winning contributor of “Hair Love” Kelsey Suan, and 4x Grammy®-winning Jesse Lewis, known for his collaborations with Yo-Yo Ma - and our friends at the San Francisco Zoo!


(12) zoo animal vocabulary words, spoken by native speakers - both enunciated and how we really talk: tiger, crocodile, hippopotamus, giraffe, flamingo, elephant, lion, ccvvzebra, monkey, peacock, gorilla, panda

(12) original, musical soundscapes by multi-Grammy award-winners, featuring piano, whistling, singing, and synthesizers

Real animal noises - tiger, crocodile, hippopotamus, giraffe, flamingo, elephant, lion, zebra, monkey, peacock, gorilla, panda, chosen alongside the zookeepers at the San Francisco Zoo!

Children's laughter and other real-world sounds seen in the illustrations, bringing the world to life

Squirrel, seagull, bird, dragonfly, apple, butterfly