A Magical Camping Trip, English


Portable and Practical: Lightweight and equipped with volume control, this dictionary is ideal for school, home, and travel. It comes with 3 AAA batteries for immediate use.

Includes incredibly crisp, stunning hi-def sound quality, brought to you by the best in the music industry

Comes with 3 replaceable AAA batteries

Provides opportunities for kids to learn and perfect their English word recognition, pronunciation, reading, and spelling

This book is lightweight and features a built-in headphone jack for easy transport—and volume control—for school, home, and travel.

A 'Film in a Book' experience with rich audio and visual details that allow exploration in any language - then TA-DA! Touch, and a new world unfolds!~

Authentic native speakers living all over the world, including students and teachers from our partnering schools

26 pages of captivating illustrations + 12 musical soundscapes in unmatched sound quality by our multi-Grammy® award-winning team

Illustrated buttons that boost fine motor skills and confidence with every press

12 words kids love to trace in an early reading font

Made alongside and validated by language and early childhood experts

Sturdy design, child-safe and environmentally conscious, with forest-friendly paper

Portable & easy-to-use On/Off switch for battery conservation and simple battery replacement. The enclosed button batteries are long-lasting, affordable and easy to replace.
Includes a bonus seek-and-find game page, adding an extra layer of fun and engagement to the rich book-language journey

A tactile-book format that fosters family bonding and sets the stage for lifelong success.

Delivers an unparalleled multi-sensory experience that fosters a lifelong love for books and language learning