Around The House -Talking Dictionary, English


Designed for ages 6-99+

Designed by globetrotting language teacher Michelle Glorieux, sound authored by the acclaimed 4x Grammy-Award-winning music producer of Yo-Yo Ma, and illustrated by acclaimed artist Michelle Hiraishi of Nickelodeon, this immersive dictionary redefines language education through captivating visuals and interactive soundscapes.

Revolutionary paper electronic innovation allows you to simply touch the paper pages of this beautifully-illustrated, first-of-its-kind picture dictionary, and they come to life with a multitude of different native speakers and stunning, real-world and culturally-rich sounds.

See, read, hear, play with - and now HEAR language and culture all in one easy to access location.

Linguist-Endorsed Excellence: Every word in this dictionary has been meticulously vetted and spoken by linguist Dr. Charles Bond Chang - but also 2 dozen other native speakers - ensuring ROBUST linguistic authenticity and accuracy.

Features 10 full-color, full-bleed spreads of all-new, whimsically detailed original illustrations with hand water coloring from American-Japanese artist Michelle Hiraishi that bring American culture to life, from festive celebrations like Thanksgiving and Halloween to the echoes of Martin Luther King's "I Have a Dream" speech.

Gamified Learning: Engage in a five-level seek-and-find game on each spread, expertly designed with input from Joe Shochet of codeSpark, the #1 kids' app maker. Each level offers increased complexity, perfect for honing word recognition and cognitive skills.

Multisensory Experience: Touch the paper pages of this beautifully illustrated hardcover book to awaken a world of sound. Experience hi-def soundscapes through the built-in headphone jack, providing opportunities for pronunciation practice and auditory learning.
Portable and Practical: Lightweight and equipped with volume control, this dictionary is ideal for school, home, and travel. It comes with 3 AAA batteries for immediate use.

Includes incredibly crisp, stunning hi-def sound quality, brought to you by the best in the music industry

Comes with 3 replaceable AAA batteries

Provides opportunities for kids to learn and perfect their English word recognition, pronunciation, reading, and spelling

This book is lightweight and features a built-in headphone jack for easy transport—and volume control—for school, home, and travel.