Logic! CASE Starter Set Age 5+


Matching, spotting differences, deciphering patterns… you name it! The colorful, challenging, and varied Logic! CASE Puzzle Sets are most importantly fun. Designed to be solved independently for young minds to think out of the box, these 77 puzzles are perfect for learners who are 5 years and up.

The goal is to solve a wide range of different puzzles. All puzzles are purposely visually depicted to promote inferential thinking through play. Children can check whether or not their answer is correct using the included wooden peg. Can the card be pulled out or not when they put in their answer? This allows and motivates children to solve the problems independently.

A great companion for travel and times where a quiet activity is needed for steady engagement. There is even a cord stopper on the included blue string so the cards can be wrapped up to keep everything secure when the game is not in use.

Number of Players: 1
Player Playing Time: 15-20 Minutes
Develops: Inferential thinking, Observation and non-verbal processing skills, Logical reasoning, Problem solving, Critical thinking, Concentration and focus, Independent learning through play.
Set includes: 40 puzzle cards with 77 puzzles 1 puzzle box 1 wooden peg with string and cord stopper set of instructions