Microscope, Terra Kids


What is the structure of a blade of grass, and what does a leaf vein look like? For junior researchers and explorers who want to take a close look at their environment, the Terra Kids microscope is the perfect gift. With the practical magnification function, even the smallest details of nature and our environment can be observed close up.

This portable microscope encourages young scientists to take on the exciting task of microscopic viewing. Looking through a microscope requires different viewing skills, and at 30x the magnification, it is important to note this is different from looking through a typical 3x to 5x magnifying glass. When working with a microscope, finding fine detailed objects to look at, like a leaf or stitching on cloth, will give the best results.

Be patient as you learn to use a microscope like a scientist does and know that it takes trial and error to get the correct image in your lens. The focus wheel will help to bring the items in focus but kids might need to keep their hand steady to maintain the sharpest focus.