Paint By Sticker KIDS: Rainbows Everywhere


Paint by Sticker Kids is unstoppable! The series ships over a million copies a year, and the reasons are obvious: stickers, stickers, and more stickers, plus an activity that delivers hours of screen-free, mess-free fun.

These days, rainbows are about as hot as stickers—Rainbows Everywhere! combines both for pages of brightly colored joy. Each image—a sweet cat, kites flying in the air, a unicorn, and, of course, a rainbow—is swathed in vibrant hues.

The colorful images use low-poly art, a computer style that creates 3-D images out of polygon shapes. To “paint” a picture, just peel off the stickers and place them on the corresponding numbered spaces. The stickers are reusable, so kids can repeat the fun. The stickers are designed to be easy for little hands to handle. And no paint means no splatter, drips, or messy clean-up. Just stickers and fun.