Rainbow Fabric Ball


Our colorful rainbow ball offers a fun and exciting way for your children to learn while they play. Particularly perfect for babies who are just figuring out their hands, the soft ball for toddlers and infants features different materials, sounds, and textures to keep your young one engaged and entertained. Even the youngest babies love the rattling noise it makes when tossed in the air or rolled on the ground.

Recipient of the Top Toy of the Year Award from Creative Child Magazine
Certified child-safe and non-toxic
Measures about 6" in diameter
Made of polyester, velour, mesh fabric, corduroy. and tricot fabric
Packaged in an open retail box
A Rainbow Ball of Fun

From the very start, this soft ball for toddlers will captivate your child. Its bright colors and contrasting patterns are immediately eye-catching, which is a sure way to capture your baby’s attention . Eight colorful fabric sections offer different textures, sounds, and visual and auditory feedback, including: rough, smooth, ridges, solids, stripes, rustle, rattle, squeak, and more!