Roll & Play


😍 DEVELOPS CRITICAL THINKING SKILLS – Encourages creativity, active play and gross motor skills, and provides a perfect stealth learning experience for your toddler
❤ STEM TOY AND GAME - Playing with STEM LEARNING toys in early childhood is important for many reasons: 1) it helps young children to explore and understand the world around them; 2) it allows kids to collaborate with their peers, and express their thinking and creativity; 3) allows kids to be better able to answer complex questions, investigate issues, and develop solutions for real world problems.
😃 48 PLAYING CARDS - 8 cards in each category representing early development skills: RED - Emotions; BLUE - How to ask questions; GREEN - Counting & Recognizing/Responding to emotions; YELLOW - Letters; ORANGE - Colors; PURPLE - Social Skills
🛠 DESIGN IN MIND FOR TODDLERS - 6X6X6 plush cube, Bi-fold instruction card
🧰 BUILT-IN CARD STORAGE COMPARTMENT - opens and closes with velcro to ease in transportation and storage