Rush Hour: Traffic Jam Logic Game


Winner of 19 Prestigious Awards! A best-selling mind puzzle past and present! Bumper to bumper excitement that's jam-packed with challenge...4 big rig trucks, 11 compact cars. Your speedy red sports car stuck in the gridlock. Your desire to do anything else comes to a screeching halt when you attempt to unsnarl the traffic challenges in Rush Hour and make your "full speed ahead" escape. A flashy red sports car, (that's you-naturally), is stuck in a meddle of 4 big rig trucks and 11 compact cars. Do you curse, break into a sweat, give up, give in to the pressure? Noooo Waayyyy!! Sliding colorful blocks-you rev cars & trucks forward, backward. Shifting the vehicle positions and weakening the gridlock...until Phheww! Freedom on the open road! ( and IF you're in a brain jam...hopelessly halted, there will be no citing for traffic violations - just dump out the pieces and start again!) Better than a brain teaser, Rush Hour is a premier sliding block puzzle designed to challenge your sequential thinking skills. Start simple with Level 1 puzzles and by the time you hit Level 4, you'll be hitting the high road with handling expertise in problem solving. Paving the way for whole family fun, this set includes 40 challenge cards from Beginner to Expert (Rush Hour is designed to challenge all skill levels.) 16 Cars, 1 Grid Tray for play with a neat pull-out tray for easy storage. The genius who invented the game is Nob Yoshigahara, a world-renowned inventor of puzzles. Now, Nob may have dealt with his share of "What was that name again?", but believe us...people recognize his best selling games. Rush Hour is such a run-away favorite it's now available in Rush Hour Jr., Railroad, and Safari Editions. Keep Rush Hour tucked under your coffee table and you'll keep a freeway of fun at everyone's fingertips. Parents' Choice: Best 25 toys in 25 Years - 2003 Grandparents Magazine: Top Games - 2003 PlayDate 2002: Best Selling Games List Holiday Gift Best Bets: Best Game - 2002 Consumer Reports Gift Guide: Named A Top 3 Game -2001 Canadian Toy Testing Council:Best Bet Award - 1988,1999 Specialty Retailer: Games Category Top Toy of 1998 Child Magazine: Child's Choice - 1998 ASTRA Retailers' Great Travel Toys - 1998 Learning Magazine: Teachers' Choice Award - 1998 Parnets Magazine: Best Toys - 1997 Playthings Magazine: Mainstay Bestseller - 1997 American Mensa Mind Games Competition: Select Award - 1997 Dr. Toy: Best Children's Vacation Toys - 1997 Oppenheim Toy Portfolio: Platinum Award - 1997 National Assoc. Parenting Publications Award - 1997 ASTRA Retailers' Favorites for the Holidays - 1997 Parents' Choice Honors - 1997 Games Magazine: Games 100 List 1997 Rush Hour Keeps Your Mind in Motion 16 Vibrant Vehicles Highway Grid Playing Base Built in Card Storage Drawer 40 Cards (Beginner to Expert)