Treasure Island


Adventurers are needed to find the ancient temple on a forgotten island!

Use logic and deduction but watch out! On this island the pieces shift! Find the right combinations to place the pieces and locate the ancient temple. 80 challenges to bring you to the end of the world... or push you over the edge!

Age 8 to adult
# of Challenges 80
# of Players 1
Inside the Box 1 game board, 4 shape shifting puzzle pieces, 1 puzzle piece with temple, booklet with 80 challenges and solutions.

Select a challenge. Each challenge shows a treasure map of an island, but some information is missing.
Place the puzzle pieces on the game board so that the terrains shown in the challenge match the terrains on the puzzle pieces. Each puzzle piece (except the one with the temple) can be transformed in 4 different shapes!
The solution will reveal the location of the hidden temple.